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We create the ultimate user experiences for homes, yachts and hotels.

Technology touches every part of a modern home. We guarantee it is reliable, intuitive and discreet, creating bespoke solutions that amplify the things you love, and minimise the things you don’t.
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Your home or yacht is your world, we help build it around you. 

If you love art, one touch will bring your art to life with delicate lighting. If you love music, one touch will wash music over you.
And if you love both, well, we have solutions for you too.
Simply put, we improve your life, with the help of technology.
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the worlds most efficient buildings

We create the worlds smartest homes. Our unique AI platform never sleeps, learning your habits and how to serve you better.
Deep Cycle ensures your safety, protection and comfort, without compromise.
Deep Cycle, our AI servant



Collaborating on some of the world’s finest construction projects is an honour, working alongside inspirational people to deliver incredible smart-home solutions. Pushing the boundary of possibilities is part of our DNA and shown in our numerous industry awards.