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Unique spaces and special experiences require a consistent pursuit, of stretching boundaries and asking ‘why?’. Some of our creations are borne of immediate necessity, others from the understanding that things should be different.

Our team is ready to collaborate with you, to develop the exceptional. Here are some ideas we have already brought to life.

invisible switch

Invisible Switch

Created to release designers from the limitations of available technology. 

Coming Soon. Please contact us to find out more.

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AMBX Lightwell


The biological effect of light on people is scientifically undisputed – light influences our well-being, controls hormonal processes and according to its spectral composition, is able to help us concentrate or relax. 

We created a stunning centrepiece, from a lifeless, 7 storey light well. Coloured changing LED lights in the well are connected to a roof mounted camera that ‘reads’ the natural light colour. Using a specially configured processing engine, the ambient light colour is replicated down the light well, perfectly mirroring both the brightness and colour temperature outside. From crisp blue winter mornings, to gold and purple summer sunsets, our unique installation brings them to life.


Sagar Control Panel

The centre of any smart home, our latest control panel includes over twenty unique innovations, distilling our years of experience in to one revolutionary design. 

In creating the latest generation SCP, our goal was a panel that maximised the space available, decreased installation time while facilitating swift, reliable system deployment and commissioning. The result is smarter, smaller and more sophisticated, than anything that has gone before.

Capacitive Switch

discrete touch switch

Designed around chairs in a private cinema that incorporate a gooseneck light fitting at the rear of the arm rest. The fabric chair left little means for a more traditional switch, while the discretion of a cinema experience required that the final solution must be obvious, yet understated.

Our final design was uses the same touch screen technology as a modern smart phone. Positioned around the table leg, hidden from immediate view by the table top. Low level indicators glow from the top and bottom of the unit, a subtle indicator of its presence in the dark of the movie experience.